Swami Padmanabha

Spiritual Mentor, Author, Monk
Swami Padmanabha

Swami Padmanabha, born in Argentina in 1980, is a monk who, although a contemplative more than half his life, lives very much with his hands in the world and his heart on the pulse of the contemporary mindset and the particular challenges experienced by many today. He is a practitioner and teacher of Bhakti Yoga whose own journey into the Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition has been deeply nourished by other mystical traditions and contemporary thinkers in various schools of thought and sciences. He is highly regarded as both a scholar and a student who is loyal not to institutions but to the transformed lives of people. In such a capacity, Swami is continually developing and encouraging innumerable projects linked to philosophy, psychology, theology, and, especially, to a broad campaign of social awareness through discussions, seminars, retreats and publications in social media. His deep humanity and sharp vision combined with resounding personal integrity, make him an undeniable spiritual referent for the present times we are living.

Swami has recently published his second book, called Radical Personalism: A Revival Manifesto for Proactive Devotion, in which he takes a broad look at societal and institutional concerns, scriptural misunderstandings and misapplications, as well as individuals’ unhealthy psychological and emotional patterns and traumas that create obstacles to embracing a loving relationship with Divinity. With candid detail, insight and compassion, Swami addresses many of the complex topics that have troubled those for whom institutionalized religion has either become suffocating to their spiritual growth or represents something that they can no longer identify with or participate in. Swami guides the reader on a path of introspection, calling into question not religious doctrines but rather how we conceive of them and what, if anything, needs to be updated so that our chosen religious tradition can remain relevant and nourishing to us in our current situation. Radical Personalism explores the fullest implications of each of us being a person; of God being a person. And what can be the highest prospect for these two beings when they relate to each other through love? And how can we be all that we can be today—not tomorrow—as living emblems of that devotion?

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Swami Padmanabha

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